Independence Day Celebration begins…

tubingBike tires racing over gravel, tubes splashing in the river, twinkle lights dangling from camper awnings, chains creaking on the swingset, smoke rising from campfires, the aroma of hot dogs and marshmallows roasting, a splash bomb being tossed across the pool, a hammock swinging in the breeze on the riverside, tent screens covering picnic tables, rockers swaying back and forth on cabin porches, and the laughter and conversations of family and friends floating on the air.  These are sights, sounds, and smells that can all be found at Tremont right now.  I just got back from a walk around the campground and these were the images that came back into the office with me.  Sometimes you just have to get out and walk around to take it all in and remember the reasons that people love to come here.

swinging into the riverWe’re celebrating our freedom as a nation this weekend, something we don’t and shouldn’t take lightly.  It’s great to see people get out and get away from the pressures of what has become everyday life.  To be able to
spend even a few days in the mountains, by the river, laughing and playing with your family, enjoying some of the simple pleasures in life and the beauty that God has given us in the great out of doors, those are memories worth making.  Most anyone you talk to who grew up camping with their family looks back fondly on those days and the experiences they had.  We’re glad that people are here continuing those traditions and ways of life.  Hey, and you don’t even have to go too far from home!

We hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July holiday where ever you may be!

God bless the men and women in our troops who continue to make this freedom we enjoy and celebrate possible.

american flag at campground


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