Tremont is awarded “Campground of the Year 2009-2010” by TN ARVC!

ribbon2blackDuring the second week of August, several of us from Tremont had the opportunity to attend the Tennessee ARVC convention in Crossville, TN at Deer Run RV Resort.  ARVC is the “association of RV Parks and Campgrounds”.  There are approximately sixty RV Parks and Campgrounds in Tennessee who are members of TN ARVC. So, for two days campground managers and owners from all over the state gathered together to share ideas, learn some new things about the industry, bounce things off of each other, and visit with various vendors who service our industry.  It was great to get to meet other folks who do what we do and share ideas and challenges with them.  We made several new friends along the way and have a list of campgrounds we would now like to visit as we have the opportunity whenever we travel!

In addition to new friends, good food, and a wealth of information, we also had one more great experience.  Tremont Outdoor Resort was awarded “Campground of the Year for 2009-2010” by the TN ARVC association!  This award is especially dear to us because it was awarded by our peers, folks who do what we do everyday.  A campground must be nominated for the award and then they must submit an application.  There are two awards, one for small campground and one for large.  We were the winners in the large campground division.  The applicants are judged in the categories of improvements to the campground, community service of the staff and volunteers, management experience of the managers and owners, customer testimonials, and ratings from associations such as Woodalls.  Other factors used in making the choice are the quality of marketing materials such as guest services guides, websites, and ad designs.  Along with all of this information, photos of the park are also submitted.

We are so thankful to have received this honor!  Everyday we are blessed to get to work in on of the most beautiful spots on Earth and share it with those who come from all over the country (and sometimes the world!).  So, this award is like icing on the cake!  Congratulations to all of our staff who work hard everyday to make this possible and thanks to all of you who stay at Tremont and allow us to keep doing what we love!



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