And the work goes on….

Well, another good benefit from being named “Campground of the Year” is that it keeps us from resting on our laurels.  Not that there is much of that going on at Tremont anyway….

If you are one of those folks who makes at least one trek to Tremont annually, then you have been witness to a lot of changes and transformations that have taken place, especially since January 2006, when Wilson bought the Park.  One of the biggest and most noticeable changes that was made in the first half of this year was the enlargement of our outdoor pavilion.

IMG_3009Here it is under construction, but you can see the original pavilion structure in the middle.  The new pavilion is more than 5 times larger than the original one!

IMG_3678The finished product with a beautiful green tin roof.  Church services are held at the pavilion every Sunday morning by a volunteer minister and during the summer, CHARM coordinates church groups from different areas to lead day camps for the children and evening activities for the whole family.  The pavilion is there for all Tremont campers to enjoy.  So, if you are having a family reunion, birthday party, church retreat, etc., this would be a great location!  Just talk to one of the ladies in the office about reserving the space.

TOR-68Folks had a great time under the new pavilion over the 4th of July weekend this year.  Great music, tasty food, and of course…watermelon!

So, now that that project is finished, what’s next?  Glad you asked.  We have these beautiful, private decks built on each of the river sites in the RV sections.  Recently, someone came up with the bright idea that wouldn’t it be nice if each of those decks had it’s own roof topped with green tin to match the cabins.  We thought that would be nice indeed, so the boys have started to work on the project.  If all goes well, by the beginning of the summer next year, all of the RV river site decks will have beautiful tin roofs.  Imagine being able to leave your chairs out on the deck and not worry about whether or not it’s going to rain.  Heck, if it does rain, you can kick back on your nice dry deck and let the sound of the water on a tin roof lull you to sleep!


Don and Jesse get to work on the new project

IMG_4630Well, that’s it for now, but stay tuned for more updates and happenings at Tremont!  You never know what might be coming next…. 🙂


3 Responses to “And the work goes on….”

  1. Mike Powers Says:

    Nothing like seeing the improvements taking place at Tremont. We have yearly come to Tremont since 1980. Came 2 or 3 times many of those years. Now it only seems once a year with a grandson in tow. I mention to my wife regularly that every Sunday morning when I’m in the kitchen, my thoughts take me back there. Still think of it as the only place in the GSMNP area to camp and enjoy the area as well. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep on coming and recommending it anybody when the Smokeys come up.

    • tremontoutdoorresort Says:

      Mike, thanks so much for sharing your memories! It’s always nice to know that others love this place as much as we do. We look forward to seeing you whenever you can make it to our little corner of the world!

  2. Terah Webster Says:

    We camped at Tremont many years ago – in the 80’s. We thoroughly enjoyed it; everytime we’re in the area, we usually ride through your campground. I am surfing the net looking at pavilion ideas for an outdoor kitchen in our backyard and ran across this page; I saw Tremont, then campground, so it sparked my interest to read the article. I love what you’re doing. We are slowly venturing back into camping; perhaps we can camp at Tremont again sometime in the near future.

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