Tremont is named “Official Best of Tennessee”

TN09BestOutdoorResortblackOn August 30, 2009 at noon, a spccial half hour program will air in Nashville, TN on ABC WKRN Channel 2.   The program is put together by The Official Best of Tennessee.   The “Official Best of” group solicits nominations for best attractions, services, etc. on their website.  Then they have a research staff that scours print and  online travel sources, as well as consulting with local Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus, Chambers of Commerce, and other local authorities to determine who will actually be named “best of” in the state.  For more information on the “Official Best of”, you can go here to visit their website.

Tremont Outdoor Resort was named Official Best Outdoor Resort of Tennessee for 2009!  We will have a two minute segment in the half hour special that will be shown on August 30th.  We are so excited to have received this honor and are extremely thankful to everyone who had a hand in making it possible!  If you aren’t able to see the special, don’t worry, we’ll have the clip here on the blog and on our website.  You can also visit the “Official Best of” website to see not only our clip, but all of the others for Tennessee and other states as well.

Stay tuned for the segment!


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