Follow up on Fall Foliage Photography Workshop

The weather over the weekend scared a lot of folks off who were interested in the photography workshop, but we had a couple of brave souls who plowed ahead through the rain.

Despite the low attendance, we had a really good weekend.  The benefit to a small class is that there is much more time for one on one interaction and we could photograph some places that we would have not otherwise been able to because of a lack of parking.

Saturday turned out to be one of those wet, gray, Eeyore days.  That didn’t slow us down though.  The four of us donned our raincoats, grabbed our umbrellas and headed out to do some water photography.  Gray, overcast days are the best for water photography and that’s just what we had.  There were a few times we had to wait out the rain because we couldn’t keep the water off our lenses, but we had a wonderful day exploring the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail and parts of Little River Road.


Roaring Fork

Saturday night we gathered in the Activity Center at Tremont and reviewed everyone’s images on the big screen as well as walking through how to correct them using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.


Sunday arrived with a little more sunshine and we traveled through Cades Cove and up Rich Mountain Road to photograph the leaves and the Methodist Church that sits in Cades Cove.  We also discovered a beautiful cascade on the way out that required our waders to get the best shot.class2

We ended the weekend with a wonderful chili dinner made by Val, the wife of one of our students, and we made three new friends in addition to a bevy of new images to work with.

Our next Photography workshop will be in the Spring with a concentration on wildflowers.  We will have information about that workshop posted here soon, so stay tuned!


One Response to “Follow up on Fall Foliage Photography Workshop”

  1. Just found this…..Didn’t know you were blogging.

    Thanks again for a great workshop in the rain. Hmmmmm…..”Workshop in the rain” ? Might make for a new style workshop. I wonder if anyone else ever advertised a workshop in the rain.

    I am sure a lot of photographers don’t know what they are missing by not photographing in the rain?

    I sent you a long email in late November with a bunch of questions, did you ever receive it. I hope I had the correct email address.

    Be sure to let me know when your spring workshop when you have finalized the plans.


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