The Leaves Have Fallen and so Have our Prices!

Most of the leaves are carpeting the ground in the Great Smoky Mountains now, but there are still many reasons to visit in what many consider to be the “off season”.

_DSC5769One reason?  As of November 1st, Tremont’s rates have fallen considerably.  You can see the complete rate sheet by clicking here, but as an example, now through February 28th, river sites are $30 per night in the A section and $35 per night in the B secion! (please note that peak season rates apply for holidays)

Another good reason to visit the Great Smoky Mountains at this time of year is the increased activity of some of the animals.  November and December bring the mating season of the whitetail deer, so there are quite a few bucks out there looking for girlfriends!  During most of the year, the rule of thumb is that you will see more animal activity in the early morning and late afternoon when it is not as hot and there is more shade available.  However, during the rut, bucks will be on the move throughout the day.  Cades Cove is the best place to view the whitetail deer in the Park.

_DSC5777If you are a photographer, the wet fall has left us with a particularly nice side effect.  The water running throughout the Park, especially on the Townsend side,  is still on the high side which can make for some beautiful photographs.

So, if you are looking for a nice, leisurely weekend, now is the perfect time to visit Tremont.  After all, we are on the “peaceful” side of the Smokies and most of the traffic in Cades Cove has disapated, so now is the perfect time to visit before the Cove is closed for several months next year for repaving!_DSC5787


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