Tremont’s First Thanksgiving Dinner!

We have been blessed this year to enlarge our pavilion, so we thought that Thanksgiving would be a wonderful time to really put it to the test!  Traditionally, quite a few people camp with us at Tremont over the Thanksgiving holiday, so we thought, “Why not have one big Thanksgiving Dinner for everyone staying at Tremont on Thanksgiving Day?”.  So, that’s what we’re doing!

Here are the details….

Dinner will be at 2pm in Tremont’s newly enlarged Outdoor Pavilion (but don’t worry, we have heat!).  Tremont will be providing the turkey (deep fried!), the drinks, all the utensils, and great company.  We just ask that each family participating bring a side dish to share.

We are so excited about sharing Thanksgiving with all of you!  So, if you haven’t yet made plans for Thanksgiving, this would be a great time to go camping…we have cabins, tents, and RV sites, so there is a little something for everyone!

If you are already planning on being at Tremont for Thanksgiving but haven’t let us know whether or not you are joining us for dinner, please email or call 865-448-6363 to let us know you are attending and how many children and adults are in your party.  We just want to make sure we plan properly and have enough turkey!

We are truly thankful to all of you who come to Tremont and make it possible to do what we love!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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