And the Winner is…..

Wilson drawing the lucky winner of Tremont's Guest Review Survey drawing

Since April 2009, we have asked Tremont campers to let us know what they think by filling out a Guest Review Survey online.  It’s completely voluntary and we are the only ones who can read the actual survey (how else would we know what you like and what you think we should work on?).  Between April and the first of December 2009, we had 182 people complete a survey with our overall rating coming out at a 4.5 out of 5.  We think that’s not bad, but it gives us something to work toward.  As a little incentive, we told everyone that at the first of December, we would draw a name out of all the survey participants and that lucky person would receive 4 nights of FREE CAMPING at Tremont Outdoor Resort.  As you can see in the picture above, we really did print out all of the email addresses of the survey participants and cut them up into individual pieces for a drawing, just to keep everything fair and impartial.  Our owner was on hand to do the drawing himself, and the winner is…

Cheri Tutterow from Inman, South Carolina!

Cheri and her family have actually been coming to Tremont for several years helping out with the summer camp program that is conducted by CHARM at our outdoor pavilion, so many of you may know Cheri.

Congratulations Cheri and family!  We look forward to seeing you again this year.

Happy New Year everyone and thanks to everyone who participated in the survey program up to this point!


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