Trout Fishing Time in Tennessee

Springtime is right around the corner….really, it is.  We could not be more ready for it to get here!  One of the signs of the coming of Spring here at Tremont is the beginning of the trout stocking season.  The TWRA does not stock the streams inside the National Park, but they do stock the portion of the Little River that runs through Townsend.  Since Tremont is right at the boundary of the National Park, TWRA stocks trout every two weeks during the season right from our very own bridge!

We dug this one out of the archives just for old pic of Wilson in action.

The Little River is ranked as one of the top trout streams in Tennessee.  TWRA began stocking this year the week of February 28th and will stock every 2 weeks through the week of June 20th.  They will begin stocking again in the fall the week of October 3rd.  For more information on the TWRA stocking schedule, you can click here.

The best time to fish this stream is early in the season.  The temperature of the water has not risen to temperatures non-conducive to the trout and there are no tubers floating through your lines.  Townsend is also home to Little River Outfitters – Fly Shop and Fishing School, owned and operated by Byron Begley.  They can help with almost any fishing needs you have from product to information.  Their staff is extremely knowledgeable, all being anglers themselves and they also have a daily fishing report published on their website.  Byron is also chairman of Troutfest this year which will be May 14th through May 16th.  For more information on Troutfest 2010, click here.

So, bring your rod and come to Tremont for some relaxation and great access to trout fishing.  We look forward to seeing you!


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