More Wildflower Finds!

Well, our last post mostly highlighted what was going on at the Chestnut Top Trail.  The next day, we moved on over to the Nature Trail at the Chimney’s Picnic Area.  WOW, was it alive with color and bloom.  What a beautiful display of God’s delicate handiwork.  Here are a few treasures we found there…

a Trout Lily with petals spread wide

Squirrel Corn and Dutchman's Breeches together!

a rare Red Trillium also known as the "stinking benjamin"

a Yellow Trillium

what we believe is a cross-pollenated trillium

Yellow Trillium with one of the cross-pollenated varieties

a large flowered trillium

Since some of our regular haunts in the Park are closed temporarily, we have discovered a few new areas to scour.  For some reason, we have never spent any time in the area above the Elkmont campground.  I guess we thought it was just a campground.  Oh my goodness, were we ever wrong!  Not only are there several wonderful trails up there, but there is also an entire village that is being stabilized for future restoration.  The history of the place alone is very interesting.  We highly recommend that you check it out even if you aren’t on the hunt for wildflowers.  However, if you are looking for the blooming beauties, Cucumber Gap Trail is the mecca for Trout Lilies in bloom right now.  There are hundreds of them!  Here is just one sample…

Trout Lily on Cucumber Gap Trail

We also found some other various plants in bloom throughout the Park…

Hairy Phlox

wood violet

Yellow Woodland Violet

Columbine can be found in bloom right now along the rock wall of Little River Rd.

Frazier's Sedge


Now, I know what you are probably thinking, “If all of these plants are in bloom now, what will be blooming at the end of April when we are hosting the workshop?”  Good question.  In addition to recording the current blooms, we have also been scouting plants that have yet to bloom.  We have found evidence of Jack-in-the-Pulpit, dwarf-crested Irises, and even showy orchids.  Of course, the weather will play a significant part, but we believe that based on the current growth of the plant that they will be in bloom during our class April 24th and 25th.  There is one more special plant that we checked on.  It happens to be Wilson’s favorite, but it is very rare, so we can’t actually disclose the location here.  See if you recognize these plants…

not only a plant, but the beginning of a bloom!

2 plants not far from having popped through the ground

if we are right about these, they have multiplied from last year and hopefully, all will bloom!

Still don’t know what they are?  Well, Wilson likes to call them his “Tennessee Ladies”.  If you are joining us for the workshop, we will take you right to them, but you have to promise not to disclose their location!

Well, that’s our scouting session for the beginning of the week.  Stay tuned for more next week!  There are still openings for the Wildflower Workshop.  You can call Tremont at 865-448-6363 to register.

Have you found something that we don’t have pictured here?  By all means, please share them with us!


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