Wildflower Contest…

This one is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill wildflower.  So, we thought it would be fun to see if any of you know any of the following facts about this bloom-

1.  What is it’s name?

2.  Where is it found?

3.  When does it bloom?

If anyone can answer these questions, Wilson will do his best to take the winner to photograph this flower.  He can’t promise this because of access to the location and the health of the individual (it is not for the faint of heart!).  We will wait until April 26th to post the answers.  If more than one person answers correctly (in the comment section, which we won’t publish until the time period is up), we will conduct a drawing.  So, give it your best shot!


7 Responses to “Wildflower Contest…”

  1. Gail Patton Says:

    1. Pink Lady’s Slipper
    2. Dry woods under pine or oak trees.
    3. April – May

  2. 1. Cypripedium reginae: Showy lady’s slipper
    2. Wetland (fen type)
    3. Normally May -June

  3. Neat find!

    Val and I saw some of these in Banff but the slipper part of the flower was white and not the orchard color. I did not know they were so rare until I just did the research.

    Showy Lady’s Slipper or also known as the Pink-and-white Lady’s Slipper or the Queen’s Lady’s Slipper.

    Found in Canada from Saskatchewan east to Atlantic Canada, and the eastern United States south to Arkansas and Tennessee.

    Lou Petkus

  4. Whoops They bloom June 20 to July 5.


  5. tremontoutdoorresort Says:

    Ok, well so much for not posting the comments….
    Congratulations Lisa and Lou! You are both correct. That one must have been a little too easy, so we are coming up with another one…stayed tuned, we are going to see if we can stump you!

  6. Good to meet you today on Little River Road near Gatlinburg. Thanks for sharing the yellow Ladyslipper with us.

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