Tremont’s Pool Gets a Makeover!

Many of our guests helped us out last year by filling out our guest surveys online to let us know what they liked and what suggestions they had for us to improve.  One of the things commonly mentioned was that we needed more pool furniture.  Well, we took your advice and not only ordered more pool furniture, but we are replacing all of the pool furniture.  So now, there will be four tables with umbrellas,  many chaise lounges, and regular chairs for the parents who are watching their children.

The pool furniture is not the only update you’ll notice on your next visit.  We are surrounded by God’s natural beauty and creation, so we are trying to blend in a little more with His artistry.

Previously, we had a barren block wall holding back the bank above the pool.

Not going to be barren for much longer!

The foundation being applied….

The transformation is beginning…

intensive detail work being completed

lining up the capstones

Wilson “helps” with the finishing touches!

The finished product!

Stay tuned for finishing touches.  The pool will open soon and we’ll post pics of new furniture, the new fence, and the beautiful rock wall.  Hope you enjoy!


One Response to “Tremont’s Pool Gets a Makeover!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    The pool updates look great and we can’t wait to come back and stay this summer!

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