First Day of Summer=Time to Get Wet!

Most of the year, the most common word used to describe the water in the Little River is “cold”, but when the mercury starts to rise and the humidity sets in, we have a different word for it…”refreshing”!

I looked down in the river yesterday as I was crossing the bridge into Tremont and there were so many tubers that you could hardly see the water!  It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and to be honest, I was wishing that I was down there with them.
Floating down the Little River is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.  It’s even better if you are staying at Tremont.  Being the closest property to the National Park, you don’t need the shuttle bus.  They are only allowed to take you to the entrance of the Park and that’s just right past Tremont’s bridge.  The best thing to do is have someone take you up to one of the pull offs just past the “Y” and let you out.  You can float down the best part of the river (which is also the cleanest part) and get right out at the Tremont bridge and do it again if you like.  Plenty of rapids and flat water combined.  Also, if you get out at Tremont, that means that you don’t have to go through that really mean rapid that is just downstream right behind the campground next door to us.  It can be rather treacherous according to local authorities.

If the river isn’t for you, then you might want to head to the pool.  We have all new deck furniture this year as well as some asthetic improvements such as our new rock wall and fence.  It was definitely a crowd pleaser on Memorial Day weekend.

However, we did have one big problem over Memorial Day weekend…someone flushed a swim diaper down the toilet and backed up the sewer system.  So, PLEASE DO NOT FLUSH SWIM DIAPERS!  The staff and all of our other guests would greatly appreciate it.  This resulted in the temporary closure of the bath house and the laundry room while a specialist had to be called out on a holiday weekend to pump out the system.  Fortunately, the problem was resolved within the day, but we hope not to have to face it again.  Which reminds me, we do require that children who are not potty-trained wear swim diapers when in the pool.  In the event of “accidents”, we are required to close the pool for several hours, so swim diapers keep this from happening and that means everyone is much happier….especially when it’s hot!

So, head the mountains, to escape some of that city summer heat and take a dip in our cool mountain stream while you’re here!


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