The Best Place to be for the Dog Days of Summer…

Well, if you are in the South, these days it’s 95 degrees in the shade.  Now that August has rolled around, most people are thinking about school starting back and the necessary preparations that ensue.  So, the hustle and bustle of summer activity has slowed down a little at Tremont.  That’s good news for many of you!  Typically, it’s usually about 10 degrees cooler in the mountains than it is in other places.  Then we you throw in the added benefit of the cold, refreshing water of the Little River that runs right in front of Tremont, why would you not want to join us to lavish in the last days of summer?

We have RV river sites, cabins, and tent (water/electric) sites available now.  One can be yours!  Just call 865-448-6363 to make your reservation.  This is a great time to squeeze every last drop out of summer that you can get.  And what more beautiful surroundings could you possibly ask for than the Great Smoky Mountains?

We hope to see you soon:)


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