A very special Poodle :)

A behind the scenes tidbit of Tremont Outdoor Resort – Wilson (the owner) loves to pull practical jokes on Judi (the manager) when he is out of town.  His favorite stunt is to call, pretending to be someone else, and ask if we have a campsite open for a poodle.  There are several different scenarios, but they all involve a poodle who wants to camp.  Knowing this makes this story I’m about to tell you not only sweet, but also amusingly ironic.

We have a family that has camped with us for several years and they had two large poodles who always came with them.  Right before their last trip to Tremont, one of the poodles passed away.  While they were at Tremont, they made a day trip to North Carolina to look at a poodle that someone there had for sale.  They actually ended up coming back with that poodle to add to their family.  The sweet part…they named their new poodle Tremont:).  Just makes you want to say “Awww”, doesn’t it?  I love bits of sweetness like this.  They just make my day.  Hope it brightened yours a little too:).


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