Bridge update

Originally, when discussion of a new bridge began, the State of Tennessee’s plan included taking out thirteen of Tremont’s camp sites.  As you can imagine, we weren’t happy with this plan.  After much deliberation, a resolution has been reached which will result in a newer, wider, stronger bridge that will be built in the same location as the old bridge.  This means that Tremont will not be losing any campsites!

Construction on the bridge has begun in that they have started the necessary electrical work and completed the survey work.  A temporary bridge will be brought in that will be placed next to the existing bridge on the “A” section side.  According to the plan, the new bridge will be completed in time for the summer camping season!

Wilson and Jesse look over the survey markers that outline the path of the temporary bridge which will curve back into the main road.

Please be assured that Tremont will remain open during all of this exciting construction and you will still be come and go from Tremont as normal.

Stay tuned for updates… We will post them as we get them!


One Response to “Bridge update”

  1. Good to hear as we may be down Sunday.

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