Spring Fever

We have had some beautiful snowfalls in East Tennessee this year, especially in the Great Smoky Mountains.  But, if you are like most of the rest of us, we are over it, done with the cold and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring!  We are not typically accustomed to extreme and prolonged cold in this neck of the woods, so after a week or so of just that, we are especially ready to see a change.  Fortunately, this weekend is supposed to bring us just that.  The forecast is sunny with highs in the mid fifties, so what better time to head to Tremont to shake off those winter blues!

Make plans for this weekend to de-winterize your camper and come visit us in the Smokies.  It is a great time to hike the trails in the lower elevations and you can visit Cades Cove without the summer traffic.  That giving you more time to enjoy the sight of all the deer and the wild turkeys that are out and about.  Before you know it, the wildflowers will be in bloom and enthusiasts will be coming from all over to see them, so take this opportunity to beat the crowds and get out to enjoy the beautiful creation that we lovingly call the Smokies.

We hope to see you soon!


2 Responses to “Spring Fever”

  1. Any word on when/if Wilson will be hosting his wild flower photography workshop? I would like to be there this year.

    • tremontoutdoorresort Says:


      The wildflower workshop is going to be April 15th-17th this year. Are you able to join us?

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