Raging Waters

Yesterday was a gorgeous day to be out in the Smokies!  So, I took advantage of the opportunity and did something I have been saying I was going to do for years, hike to Abrams Falls for the first time in 17 years.  There could not have been a more perfect day for the trip.  The weather was in the high 50’s low 60’s and the sky was blue (for the first time in a week in seems like).  Evidently, lots of other folks had the same plan as me.  It seemed that every pull off and trail head I passed was packed.  We have all been kept indoors by the inclement weather for too long!

One of the marvelous things about hitting the trail after lots of rain is that the river is up and the sights can be tremendous (as long as they are not treacherous, that is).  Abrams Falls was not a disappointment, nor was the river all along the trail itself.  Here are a few shots of the falls from yesterday…

I love this one because it makes me think that this man is staring at the falls with awe and respect at the same time. He recognizes the beauty and the power of that water.

Here's one without the water turned to silk. This is a popular posing spot, so it's tricky to get a shot without people in it. But, they also give you a reference to the size of the falls.

I hated to leave, but the sun was on it's way down, so it was time for the trip back.

(Want to know how to turn the water to silk in your photographs?  Check out our blog at f/32 photo by clicking here.)

If you have never been to Abram’s Falls it is definitely worth the trip.  I was surprised at how many families with young children I saw making the trek.  There are really only a couple of steep sections in the trail, so it’s really not too bad.  Although, after working behind a computer most of the winter, I can tell you that my legs are sore today:) ‎The trailhead for Abram’s Falls‎ located in Cades Cove just before you reach the Visitor’s Center on the back side of the loop.  Since Cades Cove is conveniently about seven miles from Tremont, we make a great home base for your explorations!

The daffodils are in bloom…so come see us and enjoy these magnificent sights and journeys.


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