White Oak Sinks

One of my favorite things about helping Wilson with his photography workshops is the friends that we get to make.  Last year at our Spring Wildflower Workshop, I got to meet Gail and Harold.  They come to Tremont several times a year and spend quite a bit of time exploring the Smokies.  Oh, did I mention that they hike to LeConte once a year?  Gail is learning more about photography and  Harold is our best flower scouter.   They are amazing people and I love getting to spend time with them.

The fact that they hike all the time has inspired me to get out and explore more of my own backyard, since I’m fortunate enough for that to be the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  So, this year, after our Wildflower Workshop, Gail and Harold invited me to hike to White Oak Sinks with them.  They knew that I had never been and that it was in peak bloom.  What a wonderful day!  The weather was beautiful and the company was as well.  I learned quite a bit about wildflowers along the way as they showed me quite a few I had never seen.  For people who just started taking an interest in wildflowers four years ago, they know quite a bit.

I have to say, White Oak Sinks is my new favorite destination in the Smokies.  When I first learned that the Smokies were known for wildflowers, this was what I had envisioned.  Words can’t describe it adequately, so here are a few images…

The phlox stays in bloom for about two weeks in White Oak Sinks.  So, next April, if you are in our neck of the woods, this is definitely a trek worth making.

Thanks so much to Gail and Harold for showing me the way and spending part of their day with me.  I look forward to more hiking with you both!


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