Summer and Family Camp at Tremont!

Every summer, Tremont Outdoor Resort is so very fortunate that the CHARM (CHilhowee ARea Ministries) provides a free day camp for all the kids at Tremont from 10am-11:30am during the days and activities for the whole family from 8:00pm – 8:45pm nightly. Each week brings a different group of volunteers and a new menu of activities. One of my favorite sounds of the summer is the sound of the kids laughing and singing drifting down the hill from the outdoor pavilion. Each day brings something new, last year, a group had a rock climbing wall brought in for the day! The groups volunteering through CHARM do a fantastic job and it’s evident that they love serving the children and families at Tremont. Want some visible proof? Check out pictures from the day camp that they have posted on their facebook page by clicking here.

So, if you don’t have them already, make plans to bring your family to Tremont.  RV, tent, or cabin, there are accommodations for everyone…and in one of the most beautiful spots in the country:).


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