1st Winner of Tremont’s Autumn Decoration Contest!

Well, we are finding out that we have some competitive campers here at Tremont…which is making this beautiful Fall weather even more enjoyable!

We are excited to announce the winner of the first week of our Autumn Decoration Contest.  The prize goes to the Guarino’s from Metairie, Louisiana! 

You might recognize the roadkill witch on the front of their RV as it was used in our promotional poster for the contest.  We promise, the picture used for the promotional poster was taken several years ago, we are just fortunate to have this family as regular guests at Tremont!

The contest is judged weekly by other guests at Tremont, not the staff.   The staff attempts to ask mostly first time guests since they are less likely to know any of the other campers and be the most impartial.

We hope you are enjoying this beautiful season wherever you are!  Tune in next week to get a peak at the creation of our second winner…


2 Responses to “1st Winner of Tremont’s Autumn Decoration Contest!”

  1. Joanne Elfer Says:

    How do we vote for the grand prize winner?

    • tremontoutdoorresort Says:

      Go to Tremont’s Facebook page and “like” the photo of the site you want to vote for. There will be an album for Autumn Decoration contest. You need to “like” Tremont’s page before it will let you like any of the photos. Thanks!

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