Autumn Decoration Contest Winners Need Your Votes!

We just finished up our four weeks of our first annual Autumn Decoration Contest and let me tell you that competition was stiff!  Tremont campers really go all out and we so enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

The staff knew better than to try and judge these displays, so they enlisted the help of other campers each week, trying to choose people who were first time visitors to Tremont and didn’t know any of the other campers.  It was a good thing too, because I can personally attest that it was difficult from a non-partial viewpoint, but if you knew any of the families and their histories with Tremont, it was right next to impossible!  Plus, I heard rumors of some folks trying to bribe the judges with baked goods (or at least who they thought were the judges…but rest assured, this did not take place, it was all good -natured fun):)

So, how can you help one of these four families win a gift certificate for two nights stay at Tremont Outdoor Resort?  Easy, go to our Facebook page, “like” Tremont’s Facebook page if you haven’t already (it won’t let you “like” any of the photos if you don’t “like” the page), click on the photo album “Autumn Decoration Contest” and “like” your favorite decoration photo.  Recruit your friends and family to “like” your photos!  This is a popular vote contest, so the most “likes” will win.  Time to do a little campaigning:)  We will tally the “likes” on November 30th and announce our Grand Prize Winner, so be sure to rock the vote before the end of the month!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated.  We so enjoy having each and every one of you at Tremont and hope to see you again soon!

Here is a look at all of the winners…

Don’t forget to visit Tremont’s Facebook page to vote!  Go straight to the album by clicking here.


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