The New Bridge is Open! What a Wonderful Christmas Present:)

It’s been a long time coming, but we are excited to announce that the new bridge crossing the Little River into Tremont Outdoor Resort and other various properties is now open!  It is currently in use at about a lane and a half, so it will probably be one way for a couple of weeks.  That is because the work crew is in the process of taking down the temporary bridge, so they still have equipment that has to be put somewhere.  The temporary bridge is coming down quickly though, so it won’t be long!

The old bridge was 18 feet wide and it was difficult to pass another car, impossible with a motorhome.  The new bridge is 26 feet wide, so it is officially two lanes!  It has been a long and arduous process, but we are thankful for the new, wider bridge.

For now, our sign is still down, but we are still easy to locate…just look for the orange and white construction barrels after the temporary traffic light:)  If you pass the sign for the entrance to the National Park you have gone a little too far!

Here are some shots of the new bridge….

The road is open!

Closer view of the new bridge.

car crossing the new bridge

They already have the deck taken off the temporary bridge!


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