The Great Eggscursion!


Tremont was privileged to host the annual Eggscursion of the Egg Camping Club this past weekend.  We had 72 Egg Campers in the Park!  What is an Egg Camper?  Well, take a look…

There are only a couple of manufacturers of this particular type of camper, so you mainly saw two brands as you walked through the park.  However, someone has just introduced a fifth-wheel version of the Egg camper and there was one of those at Tremont this weekend.

One of the organizers told me that this was one of their best attended rallies to date and that they had campers from 20 states and Canada in attendance!

They had activities planned all weekend.  It looked like one of the first ones was a yummy country cooking potluck at Tremont’s pavilion!

There was one camper at the rally that dated back to 1972!  I think this is a picture of the vintage camper…

If you are interested in learning more about Egg Campers, check out their website.  They are a great group of fun-loving folks!

Thanks so much for choosing Tremont Outdoor Resort for your Eggscursion this year.  We hope that you had a wonderful time and that we will see you again next year!


4 Responses to “The Great Eggscursion!”

  1. Charlie Smith Says:

    When was this? Where was this?

  2. Tom Bentley Says:

    Tremont is a very spacious and well maintained campground. Tom & Sandra

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