After the Storm

A terrible storm blew through Townsend and parts of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Thursday evening around 6pm.  We are thankful that no one at Tremont was hurt during the storm.  Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the National Park.  Two people lost their lives Thursday night when they were hit by fallen trees.  Others were injured and hundreds of people were trapped in Cades Cove and other areas of the Park as Rangers and other emergency responders worked tirelessly to clear the downed trees to get them out.  Little River Road from Elkmont to Townsend, Laurel Creek Road, the Cades Cove Road, and Hwy 73 from the Park entrance to the Townsend Wye are still closed.  For updated information, you can call 865-436-1200.

While no one was injured at Tremont, there was lots to clean up and some property damage, although it could have been much worse, so we are extremely thankful.  We are currently still without power and phone lines and have been told that this should be rectified soon.  So, if you have reservations, we are still open and you may check in, we just may be a little more primitive than usual for a short time:)

Most of the damage that Tremont sustained was in the A section and the majority of that was caused by one fallen tree which punctured the roof of a camper and took out one and a half river decks.  Fortunately, the people staying in the stricken camper were not there when it occurred, so by the time they made it back, Tremont’s staff had already taken pictures for the insurance companies and cut the tree down off the camper.


This was the site with the most damage. As you can see, the tree has already been cut off the camper, but it is still resting on the river deck.



another view of the hardest hit area of Tremont

This is the root ball of the tree that fell.

more split limbs…this one did not land on anything thankfully!

Tree that had been down across the main road just past the bridge to Tremont.

Nice to see people back in the river the next morning after the storm.

Yes, it may be a little warm, especially with the power temporarily out, but the river is nice and COLD, so come on in!

We are so thankful to have made it through the storm with everyone at Tremont being alright.  Our prayers go out to the families of those who were lost in the Park during this tragedy.

We will continue to post updates here and on our Facebook page as we receive them.



2 Responses to “After the Storm”

  1. randy & ginger guarino Says:

    glad ya’ll are all ok !!!

  2. Kathy Whittington Says:

    I was caught in that storm, Right behind the man who was killed on the motor bike. So sad My husband And I want to share our sympathy with the familys who lost thier love ones. To these familys your are in our Thoughts and prayers, and will be for Quite some time.

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