Tremont’s latest visitors…

We have had a little more excitement last week than normal at the campground.  While taking the garbage to the dumpster one morning, a camper noticed a tiny black bear cub hanging out in the dumpster!  Mama bear was no where to be found.  We called the Townsend Police department and the Chief of Police came and retrieved the little guy from the dumpster.  However, once the cub was out of the dumpster, he got loose and ran to the “A” section of the campground and straight up a tree!  Well, you can imagine what happened next.  There were several people near the base of the tree looking and taking pictures of the little guy.  After the commotion died down and everyone went back to their normal activities, he scampered down the tree and went back up to the mountain behind Tremont, we assume to find his Mama.  If Mama is on the mountain, she has not made an appearance that we have seen.  That is odd when such small cubs go missing.

So, although there was a bit of excitement, everyone is safe (including the cub to the best of our knowledge).  Just goes to show that you need to pay attention when you are taking out the trash!  You never know what you might find!


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