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The Great Eggscursion!

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Tremont was privileged to host the annual Eggscursion of the Egg Camping Club this past weekend.  We had 72 Egg Campers in the Park!  What is an Egg Camper?  Well, take a look…

There are only a couple of manufacturers of this particular type of camper, so you mainly saw two brands as you walked through the park.  However, someone has just introduced a fifth-wheel version of the Egg camper and there was one of those at Tremont this weekend.

One of the organizers told me that this was one of their best attended rallies to date and that they had campers from 20 states and Canada in attendance!

They had activities planned all weekend.  It looked like one of the first ones was a yummy country cooking potluck at Tremont’s pavilion!

There was one camper at the rally that dated back to 1972!  I think this is a picture of the vintage camper…

If you are interested in learning more about Egg Campers, check out their website.  They are a great group of fun-loving folks!

Thanks so much for choosing Tremont Outdoor Resort for your Eggscursion this year.  We hope that you had a wonderful time and that we will see you again next year!


The Trout are on their way…

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It’s that time of year that many fishermen await – it’s trout stocking time in Tennessee!  That is really close to home for Tremont because the state of Tennessee stocks the Little River with trout, usually from the bridge going into Tremont Outdoor Resort.  So, we are up close and personal:)  That’s also a great spot to plunge in with your waders.

The trout stocking schedule shows that the first stocking for the Little River is to be the week of February 26th and then every other week after that until the week of June 17th.  In the past, they have usually stocked in the middle of the week around Wednesday, so we expect that to be the case this year as well, but if we discover that to be different, we’ll update you here.

Coupled with this good news is the unseasonably warm weather we have been having.  The high today is 50 degrees and later in the week we are supposed to get all the way up to 64 degrees!  Even though the weather will be nice and warm for late February and March, the water is still cold, so as a fisherman, you won’t have to worry about hooking any tubers that you would find floating down the river in the summer!  All that said, it is a PERFECT time to get away to the mountains and enjoy this beautiful spring weather we are having a little bit early.

So, give Judi a call at 865-448-6363 to make your reservations and come join us in one of the most beautiful places on Earth!  Can’t you just smell the campfire now?

The Day We Have Been Long Awaiting…

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So, what is so special about the picture above?  It was take from the view point in the drive just outside the office door of Tremont Outdoor Resort.  This is now the view of the NEW BRIDGE with no construction barrels, no work trucks, no temporary bridge, no cranes or other equipment, and no temporary traffic lights!  That’s right, after almost a year, Townsend is back to being a one traffic light town and Tremont has its peace and quiet fully restored.  Not only that, we have a brand new bridge that is a full 8 feet wider than our old bridge!  Ok, so really the bridge belongs to the State of TN, but it is a necessity to us, so sometimes we are known to use the wrong possessive pronoun:)  Two full size lanes and a shoulder on each side!  Also, the weight limit sign that graced the end of the old bridge has also been removed, so anyone who had doubts over whether or not the bridge would support their rig can now cross with an easy mind.

Couple this fantastic news with the fact that we have been having incredible spring weather in January and February, and it is a great time for a get-away to the Great Smoky Mountains right now!  I heard a rumor the other day that the daffodils were actually blooming in Cades Cove!  So, don’t wait for Spring to make your next visit, beat the crowds and head on over to visit us now:)

There is still one piece of unfinished business in regard to the bridge…we have not yet been able to put the Tremont Outdoor Resort sign back up on the road at the end of the bridge.  So, if you have stayed with us before, you know where we are, but you might want to slow down to make sure you don’t miss the turn.  If you are new to our little piece of Heaven on Earth, we are the last thing before you enter the National Park.  Once you pass the KOA, look for the bridge on your left and that is us!  If you come to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park sign, you have gone too far.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we have the sign back in place.

We look forward to seeing everyone!

The New Bridge is Open! What a Wonderful Christmas Present:)

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It’s been a long time coming, but we are excited to announce that the new bridge crossing the Little River into Tremont Outdoor Resort and other various properties is now open!  It is currently in use at about a lane and a half, so it will probably be one way for a couple of weeks.  That is because the work crew is in the process of taking down the temporary bridge, so they still have equipment that has to be put somewhere.  The temporary bridge is coming down quickly though, so it won’t be long!

The old bridge was 18 feet wide and it was difficult to pass another car, impossible with a motorhome.  The new bridge is 26 feet wide, so it is officially two lanes!  It has been a long and arduous process, but we are thankful for the new, wider bridge.

For now, our sign is still down, but we are still easy to locate…just look for the orange and white construction barrels after the temporary traffic light:)  If you pass the sign for the entrance to the National Park you have gone a little too far!

Here are some shots of the new bridge….

The road is open!

Closer view of the new bridge.

car crossing the new bridge

They already have the deck taken off the temporary bridge!

Bear Cubs at Tremont Outdoor Resort!

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You never know what exciting thing is going to happen next at Tremont…

Someone must have been surprised when they went to throw away their trash in one of Tremont’s dumpsters which are located right in sight of our office.  Two baby bear cubs were found in one of the dumpsters yesterday!  Rest assured that no one was harmed and the authorities were called to take care of the bears.  Momma bear was no where to be found when the cubs were found.  The authorities transported the cubs to the Appalacian Bear Rescue where they will be cared for by professionals.

You just never know what might happen next when you are right outside of the nation’s most visited National Park!

Summer and Family Camp at Tremont!

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Every summer, Tremont Outdoor Resort is so very fortunate that the CHARM (CHilhowee ARea Ministries) provides a free day camp for all the kids at Tremont from 10am-11:30am during the days and activities for the whole family from 8:00pm – 8:45pm nightly. Each week brings a different group of volunteers and a new menu of activities. One of my favorite sounds of the summer is the sound of the kids laughing and singing drifting down the hill from the outdoor pavilion. Each day brings something new, last year, a group had a rock climbing wall brought in for the day! The groups volunteering through CHARM do a fantastic job and it’s evident that they love serving the children and families at Tremont. Want some visible proof? Check out pictures from the day camp that they have posted on their facebook page by clicking here.

So, if you don’t have them already, make plans to bring your family to Tremont.  RV, tent, or cabin, there are accommodations for everyone…and in one of the most beautiful spots in the country:).